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Feel The Heat On Your Skin - Framed

$700.00 CAD

“My laptop broke once we got to British Columbia and it was the best thing that could’ve happened for me. It made me not use my digital camera but strictly my Hasselblad, taking film photographs. It helped me focus and it also immersed me in the moment. If you know medium format cameras, you know I only have 12 photos per roll of film - so I was quite picky about when I would expose a frame. Typically, I took one maybe two photos at a location and then put my camera away. In this case, my partner and I were driving through Nevada. The car temp read 48 degrees Celsius and we pulled over. The sun was setting as I snapped this frame and put my camera back in its bag. I felt the heat of the sun on my skin and took in the beauty of the desert. My partner pointed out some road runners he saw in the distance. And I caught them, down in the valley, with the sun on my back.”

Framed print: 28x36 inches.

Medium format film photograph, shot on Hasselblad.

Limited edition archival print, signed.

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