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Humans Being ~ Hair

$600.00 CAD

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From my photo series 'Humans Being', where I explore human characteristics and relationships through gestures and interactions of body parts from different races. Featured in this piece is my own hair and that of my partner's. I find this piece very fluid, almost suspended in water. I chose to mount it to a wood panel and coat it in resin to preserve this feeling of water - one of our most natural elements and that connects us all. As my piece intertwines two subjects of different races, I am choosing to put forth our oneness, love and importance for each other. I started this series after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and continue to shine light on love, acceptance, simply being. We are all human, just out here living our lives and trying to "be".

Piece is 24x36 inches, with about 1 inch of depth. The wood panel is constructed in a way that is easy to hang with a single nail or screw.

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