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Spend Time In All Jungles - Print

$150.00 CAD

“After spending a lot of time in the forests and water and mountains, it was a shock to return to the cities - the ones we visited and also returning home to Toronto. But it taught me so much - that cities are where we learn from each other, where we try to live with each other and get inspired and congregate. We help each other. Nature is important to have in our minds, and to experience its lessons as much as possible. That being said - if you live in the city - try to balance it by visting nature. If you live in nature, see how it feels to spend time in cities. Both jungles have lessons to give us. Diptych taken of the palms in Florida and overlooking Los Angeles City from Mulholland Drive.”

Medium format film photograph, shot on Hasselblad.

Limited edition archival print, signed.

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