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Take Time To Be In Awe - Print

$150.00 CAD

“Nature is constantly painting a beautiful image for us to enjoy. Our lives can be so hectic and we can get caught up in what we think is the latest problem or issue we need to overcome, but if we stop and take a breath, we can feel how in that moment we are ok. I find nature’s moments like this one remind us of that. Mount Rainier National Park is huge. We drove into it’s forest at dusk and swirled up and down the mountains as it grew darker and darker. Finally, the large mountain rose out of the landscape. We quickly pulled over. The first stars of the night shone as I stepped out of the car and I stood in awe of the sight. I initially saw the green spots on the map as a place to camp and sleep, but after this I saw them as places with unlimited potential to take my breath away.”

Medium format film photograph, shot on Hasselblad.

Limited edition archival print, signed.

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